encourage or help others are just some examples. The list can go on and on.

Regardless of when the discovery takes place, it is a joy to discover your true gifts and talents. It is a greater joy to be able to use them to help others. 

Everyone has special gifts and talents. The gift of being able to go the extra mile to care for others, talent in sports 

music or the arts, giftedness in certain languages or fields of study, a great sense of humour or the ability to 

Some people may discover their gifts and talents when they are young. Others may discover their gifts and talents when they are older. If you are not sure about yours, don't worry. Be patient. Someday, you will discover your true gifts and talents.


I hope to use my ability to write to help others. As a start, part of the proceeds from the sale of 1000 copies of "Scott & Witty Wikky: A Young Inventors' Quest" will be donated to Arc Children's Centre and Dayspring. To find out how these charities are helping others, click on the links to their websites below.

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